PerforMIX Owners

Natalie Cote - Pharmacy Manager and Owner

Natalie Cote | Pharmacy Manager/Owner

Natalie Cote, PharmD, has over 12 years of experience with pharmaceutical compounding and customized solutions. Her training started with hands-on experience in a compounding pharmacy and continued through several experiential rotations. She did advanced training through Professional Compounding Centers of America and a specialized certification as a Pain Management Specialist. Natalie also serves as a preceptor to students at local colleges of pharmacy. Natalie is passionate about developing tailored medication therapies and enjoys serving as a clinical resource for practitioners.

At PerforMix Specialty Pharmacy, Natalie continues to deliver optimal compounded medication therapies by pairing thoughtful collaboration with patients and providers with the highest quality compounding standards.

Natalie can be reached via email at or by telephone (603) 870-9618.

James A. Tomacchio Sr.  - Director of Pharmacy and Owner

James A. Tomacchio Sr. | Director of Pharmacy/Owner

As Director of Pharmacy, Tomacchio holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Northeastern University, and has been a dedicated health care professional since 1979. Over the years, Tomacchio has worked in numerous capacities, serving as a nursing home consultant, retail pharmacist, and liaison for managed care and as an on-site pharmacist and compounding specialist for four major hospitals.

At PerforMix Specialty Pharmacy, Tomacchio takes pride in his ability to build meaningful, lasting relationships with both patients and doctors, and working to meet their needs on all levels. His incredible dedication to disease state management and patient advocacy is evident, as he works to provide integrated solutions aimed at improving patient outcomes.

Tomacchio can be reached by email at

PerforMIX Pharmacists


Michelle Fleri | Staff Pharmacist

Michelle Fleri, PharmD, graduated from the University of New England College of Pharmacy. Michelle was inspired to become a pharmacist by her grandfather and uncle who have both had long, successful careers in independent community pharmacy. She worked in retail pharmacies before coming to PerforMIX Pharmacy in 2021. At PerforMIX Pharmacy, Michelle enjoys having the time and resources to counsel patients and find compounded therapies to meet their unique care needs. When out of office, she loves spending time outside with her dogs and training her cattle dog Chief in dog sports!


Christian Peterson | Staff Pharmacist

Christian Peterson, PharmD, graduated from UMASS Amherst with a biology degree and decided to further his career by attending and graduating from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston. After working almost 20 years in retail pharmacy, he is excited to be back in the field of what pharmacy used to be, compounding medications to support patient's specific needs. In Christian's spare time he enjoys working out, basketball, spending time with his family, and collecting Lego's.


Stefani McMillian | Staff Pharmacist

Stefani McMillian, PharmD, graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2018 and worked in retail pharmacy before joining the team at PerforMIX Pharmacy. Stefani has always enjoyed counseling and educating patients about medications to ensure the best outcome. When not working, she enjoys spending time outdoors, sports, and being with her family.