At PerforMix Specialty Pharmacy, we provide the following services for our patients:

Physician Collaboration

The best care comes when everyone is on the same page. So we take the time to talk to your doctors and keep them informed about your treatment, your progress and any side effects that you may be experiencing.

Personal Consultation

When we receive your first prescription, the very first thing we do is give you a call. We want to talk with you, get to know you and make sure you understand your treatment plan. PerforMix Specialty Pharmacy plays an active role by providing monthly refill reminder calls, where all questions and concerns can be addressed.

Patient Education

At PerforMix Specialty Pharmacy, we’re not just your medication provider, we’re your advocate; we will be by your side through every step of your treatment. If any problems arise with your medication, we’ll make sure your doctor is aware.

Patient Assistance Programs

Medication Delivery

PerforMix Specialty Pharmacy ensures that patients receive their medications in an efficient and timely manner. Our pharmacy will ship your medication to your home or physician’s office.

Benefits Assistance

At PerforMix Specialty Pharmacy our reimbursement specialists handle coordination of all benefit issues, whether it be prescription or major medical benefits. We handle the prior authorization process to minimize the burden to the patient and physician. We have an entire pharmacist-led team dedicated to managing this process. These individuals have the training and specialized knowledge needed to request the right information from you and your staff.